Little doll ( for the doll house)


Build your own dollhouse

  • picked wool
  • a small piece of tricot ( old white t-shirt will do)
  • soft pink tricot approximately. 20 by 5 cms.
  • strong yarn
  • yarn: pink and in the colour of the body
  • flannel or velours for the body
  • long needle
  • crochet-needle
  • pins and 2 blue headpins
  • aquarel-pencil in pink(or red) and blue
  • embroidery-thread or wool
  • embroidery-needle
  • scissors

We will start with making the head: 1a

Fig.1a: Form the well-picked wool into a ball and place it on the tricot. Hold it in your hand and pull firmly, making sure the ball stays round. Now measure from neck to neck, with this doll it should be 9 cms. Then tie the neck with the strong yarn.

Fig.2a: Again with the strong yarn: divide the ball in two, pull the yarn and secure sideways with a flat knot. This will be know as the "eye-thread". Remaining are one long and one shorter thread.

Fig.3a: The thread now goes over the head, from ear to ear, this is the "fontanel-thread".


Fig.4a: Pull the thread with the crochet-needle in a loop under the eye-thread, pull firmly!

Fig.5a: Now take the long needle and a thread and stick it through the head from ear to ear, securing it with a cross-stitch at the other side , do the same with the other thread.

Fig.6a: Pull the threads down from the ear-points with the crochet-needle, under the neck, tie with a flat knot: this is the "chin-thread".


Fig.7a: Look at the head and choose the best side to be the face. Pull the lowest thread down, 2 cms from the neck.

Fig.8a: Connect thread nr.1 with nr.2 with the crochet-needle and a thread ( see sketch)

Now for the shaping of the head:


Fig.1b: Fold the tricot lengthways into a tube, measuring 14 by 3½ cms. The remaining tricot is for the hands. Stitch the tube and cut the redundant fabric.


Fig.2b: Position the tube over the head, so that the seam is just under the hairline and points backwards. Mind the lengthways!

Fig.3b: Sew the fabric until 2 cms from the ends, cut the points an sew them flat onto the head.


Fig.4b: This is what the head looks like now, on top that is.


Fig.5b: Tie the tube under the head, leaving as little wrinkles in the face as possible ! Fill the belly, which should become as large as the head, but can be filled softer. Pucker the hem, pull and secure.


Fig.6b: This is how the doll looks now.


Fig.7b: Now we are going to make the eyes: put a pin at each ear-point, measure the distance and put another pin in the middle of this. From the center-pin move approximately. 1½ cm to the left and 1½ to the right and put a blue pin at each spot. !!! the space between the eyes depends on the size of the head!!!

Fig.8b: Take the long needle and a very strong thread stick it in the back of the head in the direction of the pin, ending just above the pin, going back just under the pin and eye-thread, to the back again and pull very firmly, then secure. Repeat this for the second eye, at the same height and depth.

Fig.9b: Colour the eyes with a blue pencil, the mouth with the red or pink: together they form a triangle. Make a blush on the cheeks.


Fig.10b: Make the hair with the embroidery-thread or wool, use an embroidery-needle. Take a stitch at the top ( see arrow ) en go to a point at the hairline, again to the top, letting a piece of thread hang there ( this will become the pony-tail ). Make sure you divide the threads first, then fill the spaces.


Cut and sew the outside body ( see pattern ). Turn the body and fill the legs softly with wool. Pucker the neck ( with a hem ), and put the 'body' inside through the neck.

Pull the thread and secure it, make sure the head is strongly held in place and stitch it.

Fill the arms with a bit of wool and pucker the ends ( with a hem ). The little pieces of tricot will now become the hands: make two little balls, put them inside the arms and stitch them with small stitches.

Pucker for the feet a thread ±1 cm above the ends of the legs, pull gently and stitch it.

To finish it off you can make a bow in the pony-tail from a piece of embroidery-thread.

I wish you lots of fun making and playing with this doll !

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