Simple ragdoll



  • soft pink fabric (wool or flannel)
  • wool (un spun)
  • strong yarn
  • blue and red pencil(optional)

Measurements: 40 to 50 square cm

Trim the fabric around the edges, preferably by hand, making the hem nice and supple.Pick the wool, so that there are no hard pieces left. Form it in to a nice round ball and wrap the fabric smoothly around it.Tie the neck firmly with strong yarn, put the ends of the yarn in a needle, stick it through the neck.Pull the yarn, then cut off. The ends will stick in the wool inside the head.

Make sure the 4 points are equally hanging down. Make a knot in the two opposite points as hands. Don't make the arms too long ! Optional: with a pencil you can (lightly) make the eyes and mouth(just two dots and one stripe).

When playing with the doll, provide the child with some extra rags so they can use these in their play.

Source: Spielzeug von eltern selbst gemacht: Freya Jaffke

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