Butterfly Doll


  • a small piece of supple tricot ( old white t-shirt will do)
  • strong yarn
  • soft pink tricot
  • Cotton (flannel or tricot):
  • for the body 45 by 80 centimeters
    for the cap 22 by 20 centimeters
  • 25 grams wool, un spun

The butterfly doll does not have a formed body or an eye-thread.

Fig.1a: Form the well-picked wool (20 grams) into a ball and place it on the tricot. Hold it in your hand and pull firmly, making sure the ball stays round. Now measure from neck to neck, with this doll it should be 15 cms. Then tie the neck with the strong yarn.


Fig.1b: Fold the tricot lengthways into a tube. Stitch the tube and cut the redundant fabric.


Fig.2b: Position the tube over the head, so that the seam is just under the hairline and points backwards. Mind the length way !

Fig.3b: Sew the fabric until 2 cms from the ends, cut the points an sew them flat onto the head.


Fig.4b: This is what the head looks like now, on top that is.


Fig.5b: Tie the tube under the head, leaving as little wrinkles in the face as possible ! Mind: this doll does not have a body !!!

Print and cut out the pattern.The upper- and under half of the body should be put together on the dotted line marked as A. The pattern will look like a butterfly if you do this correctly. Fold the cotton for the body 2 times: once in the length, and once in the width. Cut out the body according to the pattern. Sew the side seams and the crotch seam.Make the opening for the head and turn the body inside out.

Put a little bit of wool in the two corners of the body, there were the hands are. Baste around (see pattern) pull the thread and secure it using little stitches. Now it is time to get the head in and secure that, again using (a lot of little) stitches.Before you do that, first make a little hem in the cotton, this will make it look well-groomed.

Baste the collar line. Bring it up, so that it lies just under the head, then pull and secure it firmly.

Cut an try on ! the cap, then sew in onto the head (with a little hem) using little stitches. To finish off the doll make two knots in the corners that form the legs. Your butterfly doll is finished !

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